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Miami Tax Lawyer Ari Good, JD LL.M.

The Strategic Lawyer

Tax Audit Attorney - You have turned to the right place for help if you are defending yourself against the IRS and Florida Department of Revenue in tax audits.   If you have been contacted by the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue it is important that you act immediately.  Getting the right advice can protect you from making critical mistakes in the audit process.  Let me help you to reduce your liabilities, penalties and interest in working against the government.You can also count on me to help you in your business tax affairs by helping you maximize your income and minimize your tax liabilities.

Aviation Tax Lawyer – As an aviation tax lawyer I would like the opportunity to help you plan your next aircraft purchase or trade.  I have specific experience working with aircraft buyers, sellers and operators in Parts 91 and 135 matters.  I work closely and cooperatively with my clients’ CPAs in putting together a system by which you can manage your aircraft tax issues with a minimum of paperwork and human intervention.  My advice can help you reap the benefits of aircraft ownership and tax savings.

Entertainment Law – A lifelong musician and DJ, I have along with my tax practice developed a clientele in the music and entertainment industries.  I assist graphic and performing artists, television personalities and fashion models in intellectual property (copyright and trademark law) matters, business planning and brand development.

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Tax Law Services

As a top Miami tax lawyer I can help you with any of the following:

  • Income tax
  • Florida sales tax
  • Florida use tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Aircraft tax
  • Offers in compromise, installment agreements, United States Tax Court representation

If you are audited by the IRS, entering a new business venture, or planning your personal financial affairs, a skilled tax attorney in Miami can help you accomplish your goals.

Aviation Tax Law

Aircraft buyers and sellers can save thousands to millions of dollars in tax liability through careful tax planning. My expertise in the aircraft tax law field comes from closing hundreds of aircraft deals for businesses ranging from oil and gas to real estate to Fortune 100 corporate planes.

Entertainment Law

As an entertainment lawyer in Miami I advise graphic and performance artists, filmmakers, musicians and others in the arts in entertainment law matters, including:

  • Copyright advice and registration on artwork or musical compositions
  • Trademark registration
  • Licensing agreements
  • Contract negotiations


Call us:  (786) 235-8371

About Miami Entertainment & Tax Lawyer Ari Good

Ari Good, JD LLM is the Shareholder of Good Attorneys At Law, P.A. He received his B.A., with distinction, from the University of Michigan in 1993 and his J.D. from DePaul University in 1997. Mr. Good received his LL.M. (Masters of Tax Law) from the prestigious University of Florida tax program in 2005.

Mr. Good is admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court and in the state and federal courts of Florida, Illinois and Washington, D.C.  Aside from non-lawyer enrolled agents only tax attorneys may represent taxpayers before the United States Tax Court.  Knowing a tax lawyer can and will take a case to tax court can provide you with an edge in your negotiations with the IRS.

Ari is closely affiliated with the music, arts and fashion communities of Miami and helps artists develop their brands and work.  As a Miami entertainment & tax lawyer Ari can assist you with intellectual property protection and negotiations.

Miami Tax Lawyer

Miami Tax Lawyer
Allow me to assist you with your tax audit, tax planning or business tax issues. I have managed hundreds of aircraft tax transactions and helped Part 91 and 135 operators save millions of dollars in sales tax, use tax and excise tax. I strategically represent businesses and individuals in IRS and Florida Department of Revenue audits, achieving “no change” letters and resolving tax controversies for a tiny fraction of the original tax bill. Individual tax services include negotiating offers in compromise, installment agreements, tax appeals and tax court representation. Services for highly sophisticated clients include international tax, including Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), listed transactions, partnership and corporate tax issues and tax filing and tax compliance matters.

Miami Entertainment Lawyer

General Counsel
Entertainment lawyer Ari Good assists graphic and performing artists, musicians, fashion models and designers in copyright, trademark and contract matters. I have helped many clients in internet marketing, media buying and content syndication matters. Promote your art, leave the law to me.


Aviation Law
Ari Good represents a worldwide clientele in aviation transactions and aircraft tax law. Mr. Good supports aircraft dealers, brokers, flight schools and commercial operators worldwide in operational, regulatory and compliance matters. He has closed over one hundred aircraft transactions involving everything from light sport aircraft to Fortune 100 business jets.