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Miami Entertainment Attorney Ari Good

As a Miami entertainment law attorney, I can help you further your career in music or the graphic or performing arts. This may require a brief recording industry contract review or a more in-depth look at your artistic and business goals. A lot of my clients’ frequently asked questions are:

What is Entertainment Law? Entertainment law combines principles of contract law and intellectual property law (such as copyright, trademark and patent law) as they apply to artists, musicians, fashion models and others in the entertainment industry.  An entertainment lawyer represents performers and music businesses of all kinds, including recording studios, independent music labels, fashion designers and online music services. Serving my clients requires my thorough understanding of other areas of entertainment law such as tax law, partnership and corporate law, employment law and agency law.

Why Hire An Entertainment Lawyer? How well you do in your entertainment career is a function of how well you planned for your success. It is critical to understand the types of contracts and business arrangements you will encounter throughout your career as an entertainer. The right entertainment attorney can help you preserve your creative and financial freedom. It is important to understand all of the legal implications not only of your intellectual property (your work), but also the ins and outs of merchandising, management and live performances. This is critical not only for young performers but seasoned professionals who need to focus their time and attention on their gifts with a trusted advocate at their side.

How Do I Make It in the Entertainment Business? Art is never created alone no matter how refined the artist. Successful projects require project teams that combine creativity with astute marketing, thoughtfully negotiated terms and the right agreements. As an entertainment attorney I represent performing arts businesses both online and offline in negotiating service agreements, partnership agreements, royalty agreements, “work for hire” arrangements and routine contractual matters.

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Services Include:

Copyright registration

Did you know that you cannot enforce your legal rights in your photography, art or music without having registered the copyright with the United States Copyright office?  I can help you with this straightforward process at a reasonable cost.  It should be automatic for every creative professional, every time.

Trademark registration

Registering your trademark is the key to a successful recognized brand.  This can be your logo and distinct trade or stage name, your distinct product or merchandise design, or a slogan describing your business.  All great brands “stick” in the buyer’s mind.  Trademark protection allows you to leverage your unique skills and image to succeed in the marketplace.

Artist / Band Management Agreements

It is critical for co-authors, band mates, collaborators and their business partners to have clear understandings of their roles and responsibilities.  High profile makeups and breakups in the entertainment industry often have to do with people who care about each other and about the art not taking care of the business part of it.  That’s where I come in.

Licensing Agreements

Many artists have made their fortunes licensing some or all of their work to others who exploit it in television programs, sound recordings, compilations, streaming media and even video games.  You will need an agreement that allows you to collect your royalties.  I can help with other types of agreements, such as intellectual property purchase and sale agreements and assignment agreements.

Entity Selection (Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships)

As with any business, choosing the right type of company is essential.  As a business and tax attorney I am highly qualified to help you select and form a company that fits your unique circumstances.