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I take pleasure in helping my clients break through the complexities of the tax law, whether you are buying or selling business property, forming new businesses or expanding existing businesses.  My tax law services include aircraft tax law, blockchain tax law and general business tax issues.

Blockchain refers to the technology underlying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other digital assets.  A peer-to-peer, cryptographically secure and decentralized platform, blockchain technologies are poised to change the world, disrupting the “way things are done” in everything from finance to reporting to online gaming.  It is a pleasure to advise private investors, blockchain companies preparing for an ICO, exchanges and other businesses in this exciting space.

Structuring a business aircraft purchase or sale requires an advanced understanding of the intricacies of this particular area of tax law.  Let me help you understand the rules concerning depreciating business aircraft, personal versus business use, maintaining correct and accurate flight logs and substantiating business use.  My clients include everyone from small owner-pilots to the largest and most influential families and companies utilizing business planes.

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✓ Federal Income Tax Audits
✓ Aircraft Audits
✓ State Sales & Use Tax Audits
✓ Tax Court Representation
✓ Innocent Spouse Claims
✓ Offers in Compromise

✓ Employment Tax Audits
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✓ Tax Settlement & Negotiation
✓ Bankruptcy Tax
✓ Real Estate Tax Matters
✓ Corporate & Partnership Tax

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Ari is able to navigate the intricacies of both law and business - a rare combination. He provides honest, straight forward advise at an affordable price. I'm happy to recommend Ari to everyone interested in building a relationship with a hard working, trusting and loyal partner. Thank you Ari!

Josh Wex
Josh Wex

Our company hired Ari to assist with reviewing & verifying the statistical accuracy of a cost analysis we created for a solar array. Ari dug in immediately and helped answer our questions.
Highly recommended!

David Birchmier
David Birchmier

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Meet Ari Good

Ari Good, JD LL.M. (Taxation Law) advises clients in federal and state tax matters.  Over his 20 plus years of experience he has advised hundreds of clients in industries ranging from hospitality to aviation.  Ari Good received his LL.M. in taxation in 2005 and is qualified to represent taxpayers in the United States Tax Court.  Ari advises entrepreneurs and technology companies creating innovative solutions using blockchain technologies.



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