Part of the “ingredients” in calculating personal use under the SIFL (Standard Industry Fare Level) rules include a per-mile charge for flights that require this methodology. For the uninitiated, the SIFL calculation is used to impute income to a plane owner who either: (i) brings “hitchkikers” along as personal guests on business trips, or (ii) flies for a special class of reasons known as “personal non-entertainment”. In short, the business owner compensates the U.S. taxpayer for using, or granting, the “fringe benefit” of allowing a business plane to be used for personal reasons.

The most updated figures (for flights taken between 7/1/11 -12/31/11):

Period During Which the Flight Is Taken

Up to 500 miles = $.2395 per mile
501-1500 miles = $.1826 per mile
Over 1500 miles = $.1756 per mile

Terminal Charge = $43.79

These charges are calculated for that group of miles and added together, so, for example, a 1000 mile flight will require calculating (500 miles x $0.2395) plus (500 miles x $0.1826). The more you fly, the better the deal (sometimes).

There is also a “terminal charge” that is updated twice a year. For the second half it is $43.79 per SIFL-qualified flight.

(Updated 10/03/2011)
Source: Rev. Rul. 2011-21, 2011-40 IRB 458, 09/30/2011