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Aviation Lawyer Ari Good, JD LL.M.

Having a highly skilled Aviation Lawyer​ is essential to a sophisticated transaction such as buying or selling an aircraft.  Aircraft transactions require an Aviation Lawyer​ who has considerable experience with aircraft purchase and sale agreements, financing agreements, aircraft leases and the legal entities commonly used in aircraft deals.

Negotiating an aircraft purchase and sale agreement, just as an example, requires an understanding of this type of asset and what it takes to ensure a smooth transaction.  As an Aviation Lawyer I accommodate and support my clients’ needs in terms of pre-buy inspections, test flights and any work that may be needed to address airworthiness items.

I have an understanding of how these preparations could or should affect an aircraft’s purchase price, and help the parties negotiate accordingly.

Aviation Lawyer

Aircraft financing is always an important consideration in negotiating an aircraft transaction.  As an Aviation Lawyer I have experience in working with aircraft lenders, and with seller-financed deals.

In addition to the technical knowledge required it is always important for an Aviation Lawyer to keep the big picture in mind.  A smooth transaction requires transparency, trust, and an exceptional level of service.

What Do Aircraft Transactions Require?

  1.  Maximizes depreciation allowances, aircraft sales and use tax savings and operating cost deductions.

  3.  Maintains the greatest flexibility in your use of the plane while remaining compliant with FAA regulations.

  5.  Establishes a tax reporting system that requires the least amount of paperwork, human intervention and confusion.

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