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Crypto Lawyer – Ari Good, JD LL.M.

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  • You seek a Crypto Lawyer for expert legal attention for your growing business as you are an established cryptocurrency, blockchain or financial services business.
  • You are a FinTech, cryptocurrency or blockchain startup looking for a crypto lawyer skilled in tax, contracts, securities, international and related areas of law.
  • You created, or want to create, a virtual token, coin or cryptocurrency and want to do things “by the book” when it comes to financial services compliance.
  • You are another type of crypto-entrepreneur looking for the best way to launch or manage your novel cryptocurrency product or service.
Crypto Lawyer

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We can help you resolve your doubts as to the following areas of the law, all of which are relevant to cryptocurrency startups and projects:

Crypto Lawyer / Cryptocurrency Tax Law

– Whether you are a crypto investor, a miner, an exchange or an entrepreneur, there are a wide range of novel tax issues that apply to your situation. Having received my LL.M. (Masters of Tax Law), and having served hundreds of clients just like you, As a Crypto Lawyer I am in a unique position to help you through the complexities of the tax law as it applies to crypto.

Cryptocurrency Contract Law

– I find myself advising clients on a wide range of contract matters in their cryptocurrency businesses, everything ranging from employment agreements to acquisition contracts for mining equipment. The key to a good Crypto Lawyer is an eye for detail and a commitment to excellent service. These are my pledges to you, the client.

Cryptocurrency Securities Law

– In an uncertain legal environment it is essential that you have a solid understanding of what state and federal securities law might apply to you. It takes careful legal analysis to determine if your token or coin is a “security”.

Further, where is it possible that your coin or token could be considered a security, you should be aware of the exemptions to state and federal registration that may apply. This is an area of great concern for the majority of my clients. Together we will work through the complexities and come up with a meaningful strategy for staying in compliance and out of trouble.

Cryptocurrency Financial Services / Banking Law

– FinCEN and other regulatory agencies have been hard at work creating new rules, and extending existing rules, to “Virtual Asset Service Providers”. Recent legislation such as the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 leaves no doubt that anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, and similar rules may apply to you.

Do you need to be registered with FinCEN? Do you need a state money transmitter license? These are questions we will explore and resolve.

Cryptocurrency International Law

– It’s a big world, and you may be wondering, what is the best jurisdiction in which to set up my cryptocurrency / blockchain business? Let’s consider alternatives for your business model.

Let’s evaluate the risks and benefits of different jurisdictions, the costs involved, and whether international registration will meet your needs and serve your goals.

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