Cryptocurrency Escrow Services

We launched our cryptocurrency escrow service to serve the needs of buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies, to serve as a custodian of virtual currency funds for projects that require that these funds be released as project milestones are met, and to facilitate other over-the-counter coin purchases, including during ICOs and for transactions involving smaller, less liquid coins that may not be traded efficiently on major exchanges.  What type of cryptocurrency transaction are you considering?

How Cryptocurrency Escrow Works

There are two basic parts to a cryptocurrency escrow service:  (1) the safekeeping of crypto funds using commercial-grade security and industry best practices and (2) the release of those funds as specific contractual conditions are met.  While the beauty of cryptocurrencies is that that you do not need an intermediary, such as a bank or an attorney, to transfer funds peer-to-peer, it is also an advantage that you get to choose our white-glove, personalized service when you do require professional oversight of a cryptocurrency project.  We specialize in particular on community development projects where transparency and accountability are priorities.  We will work with you to develop a schedule for delivery of your funds, with a clear, well-drafted contract that identifies in advance when milestones are met and funds are due.  It is more than nice, but rather required, that you have a professional to contact with questions about your most important cryptocurrency projects and deals.

We also manage your cryptocurrency funds in over-the-counter transactions.  Always-online exchanges, which have proven to be less than reliable in terms of their security and customer service, are not the only way to trade cryptocurrencies.  The parties to larger transactions may prefer to carry out private transfers which do not advertise the details of the deal to the public.  At this time, we support holding major cryptocurrencies in escrow, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and others.  Contact us for a customized solution if you have particular needs.  Please note that at this time we do not support holding fiat funds in escrow.  In other words, the parties to a cryptocurrency over the counter deal would transfer fiat funds using traditional methods while we hold, and then release, the cryptocurrency funds as the fiat is received and the transfer fully vetted and verified.  We are working with our banking partners to offer the additional service of holding fiat funds in the future, so please check back with us on this service.

A Robust Compliance Solution

Our cryptocurrency escrow service should not be viewed in isolation, but as an integral part of a robust solution for verifying the identities of the parties to a cryptocurrency deal.  We advise the parties on best industry practices in the Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering space, and offer verification services through our third party partners.

Why Use Us As Your Cryptocurrency Escrow Provider?

There are several very good reasons to use an attorney for person-to-person cryptocurrency trades and community development projects.  As an attorney I am a licensed by the State of Florida and bound by its ethics rules to safeguard escrow funds as a fiduciary / escrow agent.  These rules apply regardless of where the parties or the funds are from.  My independence is guaranteed.  I have handled funds transfers for clients in many situations, all of which are treated with absolute professionalism.  It must be clear to all parties that in this role I do not represent either the buyer or the seller (as an attorney might otherwise represent one side of a transaction), but rather the transaction itself, guaranteeing that the closing is carried out according to the parties’ written instructions.

While we strive to be reasonable in our pricing we have no interest in competing with “free” escrow services, automated services or faceless websites promising to safeguard or transfer your valuable cryptocurrency for pennies.  Beware of these types of services.  Commercial-grade cold storage security requires the right hardware, software, personnel and procedures.  How does a free service propose to hold your funds?  Who exactly built and maintains the website offering you crypto escrow services?  What law applies to their transactions?  Ari is a Florida-licensed attorney whose firm, Good Attorneys At Law, PA, is subject to US law.  Who will pick up the phone or answer your email if there is a dispute or a problem?  Further, how well defined are the terms and conditions of if, when and how your cryptocurrency is released?  A lot of websites boast that they will appoint “judges” or “arbitrators” in the event of a dispute.  Who are those people, and do they have the sophistication and understanding of your transaction necessary to come to a fair result?  Having an attorney managing the escrow function is the right choice for serious parties looking for transactions that minimize risk and maximize service.  That is what we do.

Contact us today to discuss your needs:  (877) 771-1131.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are looking to accomplish.