Due Diligence Services

Due diligence

Good Attorneys At Law offers a suite of due diligence services to serve your Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, and background check needs.  Using a suite of international databases, we are able to evaluate individuals and businesses for the following:

  • Presence on international sanctions lists
  • Adverse media reports concerning criminal activity, money laundering, narcotics trafficking and similar offenses
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) lists
  • OFAC lists
  • Litigation in which the search subject is or was a party (Latin America, United States)

The list of companies and individuals that need Due Diligence services continues to grow, as does the need for expert help in performing these types of searches.  Performing due diligence on prospective clients, business partners and customers is good business – especially in cases in which you want to avoid legal exposure for money laundering, terrorist financing, or supporting evils like narcotrafficking or political corruption.  Industries that need these services more and more include:

  • Real estate professionals
  • Financial services companies
  • FinTech companies
  • Casinos and gaming companies
  • Lawyers, accountants, financial services advisors and other “gateway” professionals

Why Use Good Attorneys Due Diligence Services?

Industry-Grade Information Services:  We subscribe to international database services that allow us to search far and wide for adverse results.  Using cutting-edge technology, we are able to send a link to your intended customer, client or business partner and have him or her upload his or her own verification documents.  These documents may include both “primary” documents, such as a drivers’ license or passport and “secondary” documents such as utility bills, company records, and other documents that you may need to verify the subject’s integrity.  Business searches include verification of the business’ legal existence, verification of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), and background checks into the owners in the manner described above.  The process is fast, secure and convenient.

Attorney Skill and Caution in Performing Your Background Searches:  Unlike “quickie” websites that promise you the opportunity to “spy” on individuals contrary to law, we accept only bona fide clients looking to verify client or business information in conformity with all state and federal rules and regulations.  Our services are not for social or casual use.  We conform to the strictest privacy and data security standards.

Rapid Turnaround:  Provided your intended search subject is ready, willing and able to participate in the process, we can return your results in some cases the same day.

Contact us at (877) 771-1131 or via our contact form for a quote for due diligence services.