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There are two flavors of “Internet Law” as we practice it:  (i) intellectual property law and (ii) blockchain law.  Our intellectual property practice includes protecting business owners from “cybersquatters” – people who are misusing your brand, logo, name or other identifying feature to register a domain name that competes with you.  You can recover a domain name that is ripping off your brand through a process called the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, or UDRP.  Watch our informative video about the UDRP procedure below.  

Second, we assist blockchain businesses of all kinds in matters pertaining to financial services law, contract law, international law and tax law.  We serve companies that are subject to Anti-Money Laundering laws and Bank Secrecy Act laws and regulations to remain compliant and competitive.


Why Should I File A UDRP Complaint?

  1. The UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) is an efficient and effective alternative to court litigation, used to attack cybersquatters (people who are misusing your intellectual property in a confusingly similar domain name).
  2.  If successful, the UDRP allows you to compel that the infringing party transfer the domain to your ownership.
  3.  Filing a UDRP Complaint requires knowing the law and being able to spot exactly how the infringing domain competes with your brand.  We have experience in drafting highly professional, thoroughly researched Complaints under the UDRP.
  4. Getting started with us is easy.  Just fill out the contact form below and tell us about your domain name, and the domain name that is ripping off your brand.  You will receive a complimentary case review.

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