Media Law Attorney

What is “media law”?  Media law deals with rules and regulations that apply to different “media” such as radio, television and the internet.  There are special rules that apply to each medium, and different government bodies such as the FCC and FTC regulate what can or cannot be said or done in advertising or commerce.  These rules can be complex and can expose you to liability if you publish or advertise something that breaks the rules.

One area we have assisted our media law clients with is in the area of internet streaming media.  We work with clients who are creating or building online music and video services.  Getting your media company off the ground requires that you have a good understanding of who has the power to regulate your online music or online streaming media service.  It also matters if you are operating in multiple countries or just the United States.  A lot of times you will have contracts to buy or sell intellectual property as a part of your online streaming media service.  You will also need privacy policies and terms and conditions documents to protect you from liability for making false claims.

Another aspect of “media law” deals with internet marketing, a multi-billion dollar industry that grows by the day.  We have experience drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, partnership agreements and other documents you will need for your project team.  We will help you with media buying projects, affiliate marketing agreements and other internet marketing legal needs.

If you are are running an online streaming music service, copyright law will be a key issue.  Do you know who owns the copyrights in the content on your site?  Do you have a plan in place in the event you get a takedown notice or demand letter from an attorney claiming copyright infringement?  This is critical to being able to make your internet streaming media company a success.

Getting the right media law advice can mean the difference between success or failure.