Tax Law

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Could you benefit from sound tax advice?

A lot of businesspeople, even sophisticated businesspeople, struggle when it comes to getting the most out of their tax situation. I take pleasure in helping my clients break through the complexities of the tax law, whether you are buying or selling business property, forming new businesses or expanding existing businesses. My approach is simple:

I empower my clients to organize their books and records in a way that makes making money easier and reduces the amount of time you spend figuring out where your money is going.

I give plain-English advice on key business decisions such as purchasing business property or services, related-party leasing, expensing and depreciation and other tax issues from the simple to the highly sophisticated.

I form “SEAL Team” groups of experts in areas where I don’t know the answers. For me, having credibility as a lawyer means delivering honest, clear advice without spin or a verbal run-around. I have achieved outstanding results not by needing to be in charge, but by managing the best and brightest, all of us combining our efforts to help you, the client.

I also defend clients facing IRS or Florida Department of Revenue audits, with specific experience in defending Florida sales tax and Florida use tax audits:

  • Do You Truly Know The Rules? Even the most successful business people may not know their legal rights and options under the tax code.
  • Can Your CPA Help You In An Audit?  While your accountant or CPA will be an invaluable ally in any audit, a tax attorney can make a critical difference in whether you face an assessment, interest and penalties.  As a tax attorney my job is to think strategically and act aggressively on your behalf.  Unlike an accountant, I can also take your case to Tax Court.
  • Should I Wait Before Acting?  Knowing your rights before an audit will can protect you from costly changes to your business. Select a tax attorney with experience defending business people in industries from aviation to construction to hospitality.

Tax Representation and Tax Litigation

If you have received notice that you will be audited by either the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue it is important to seek qualified professional advice immediately. Mr. Good supports taxpayers in all of the following matters:

Transactional Matters

Real estate transactions, business purchases and sales, business equipment purchases and entity formation requires advance tax planning. I can help you in any of the following disciplines, either on an “as needed” basis or from the inception of a deal:

  • Aviation Tax Structuring
  • Business Startup Expenditures
  • Cancellation of Debt Issues – Short Sales, Foreclosure Tax Consequences
  • Corporate and Partnership Tax
  • Depreciation and Recapture
  • Entity Formation and Dissolution
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting and Compliance
  • US asset purchases
  • Foreign entity formation
  • Investment Tax Matters
  • Like-Kind (1031) Exchanges
  • Property Tax
  • Real Estate Tax Matters
  • Taxation of US residents living abroad

What Do Auditors Look For?

Know in advance what an IRS auditor looks for, based on real audits from real clients, in auditing your tax returns:

As a tax attorney in Miami Ari Good has experience helping hundreds of clients in matters ranging from aircraft tax transactions to defending restaurants and other small businesses in IRS audits and Florida Department of Revenue audits.

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