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Tax law is, by any account, one of the more complex and challenging areas of the law.  A lot of very sophisticated business people have one key thing in common, that is, they seek out and value quality legal counsel in areas they may not fully understand.  If you are a tax attorney or an accountant, tax IS your business.  If you are not, then it is wise to seek out a tax attorney and counselor who will help you understand what laws apply and craft a strategy that directly serves your business needs.  Your investment will pay off in the form of an increased focus on your core business, greater peace of mind, and more money in your bank account.

Tax law

Relevant experience:  I have helped clients tackle state, federal and international tax issues in industries ranging from payment processing to entertainment to aviation.  As a Tax Attorney my approach for business structuring or tax planning for an ongoing business is straightforward:  (i) we begin by analyzing your current structure, financial statements and tax liabilities (current snapshot); (ii) we identify any areas of concern you may have, such as whether you are in compliance with present tax laws and filing requirements (need assessment); and (iii) we craft a solution specifically tailored to suit your needs and desires.  We present a plan to you before acting.  We value transparency and communication.  You will never feel that we are “doing you a favor” by working on your case.  We understand the difference between our understanding the optimal path, and YOU understanding it.  While it is always the client’s option to take advice or leave it, we take the greatest pride in educating our clients in their own languages and seeing the implemented results.

I also defend clients facing IRS or Florida Department of Revenue audits, with specific experience in defending Florida sales tax and Florida use tax audits:

  • Do You Truly Know The Rules? Even the most successful business people may not know their legal rights and options under the tax code.
  • Can Your CPA Help You In An Audit?  While your accountant or CPA will be an invaluable ally in any audit, a tax attorney can make a critical difference in whether you face an assessment, interest and penalties.  As a tax attorney my job is to think strategically and act aggressively on your behalf.  Unlike an accountant, I can also take your case to Tax Court.
  • Should I Wait Before Acting?  Knowing your rights before an audit will can protect you from costly changes to your business. Select a tax attorney with experience defending business people in industries from aviation to construction to hospitality.

Transactional Matters

Real estate transactions, business purchases and sales, business equipment purchases and entity formation requires advance tax planning. I can help you in any of the following disciplines, either on an “as needed” basis or from the inception of a deal:


  • Aviation Tax Structuring
  • Business Startup Expenditures
  • Cancellation of Debt Issues – Short Sales, Foreclosure Tax Consequences
  • Corporate and Partnership Tax
  • Depreciation and Recapture
  • Entity Formation and Dissolution
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting and Compliance
  • US asset purchases
  • Foreign entity formation
  • Investment Tax Matters
  • Like-Kind (1031) Exchanges
  • Property Tax
  • Real Estate Tax Matters
  • Taxation of US residents living abroad

Tax Representation and Tax Litigation

If you have received notice that you will be audited by either the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue it is important to seek qualified professional advice immediately. Mr. Good supports taxpayers in all of the following matters:


  •  Federal Income Tax Audits
  • Aircraft Audits
  • State Sales & Use Tax Audits
  • Tax Court Representation
  • Innocent Spouse Claims
  • Offers In Compromise
  • Employment Tax Audits
  • Installment Agreements
  • Tax Settlements & Negotiation
  • Bankruptcy Tax

What Do Auditors Look For?

Know in advance what an IRS auditor looks for, based on real audits from real clients, in auditing your tax returns:

  • Business Use of Home
  • Home Office Deductions
  • Net Operating Losses

As a tax attorney in Miami Ari Good has experience helping hundreds of clients in matters ranging from aircraft tax transactions to defending restaurants and other small businesses in IRS audits and Florida Department of Revenue audits.

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